Vincent Vittorio founded Life is My Movie Entertainment as a means of exposing audience members to new places and profound ideas through the moving image.  He seeks to elevate the documentary genre through visionary means of development, production, and distribution.

Vincent’s belief in the stirring power of documentary, coupled with his dedication to maintaining integrity in non-fiction storytelling, are the propelling forces behind Life is My Movie Entertainment and the keys to its exponential growth in the years ahead.  His mission is to evolve the company into one of the most respected names in the entertainment industry; showing his indomitable drive and singular work ethic.  In addition, Vincent has a knack for advancing the scope of a film’s impact through his ability to find unique ways of reaching larger and larger audiences.

Under Vincent’s leadership, Life Is My Movie Entertainment comprises a team of vested partners who facilitate and manage a bevy of inquiries from filmmakers, collaborators, and audiences interested in his company.  As an innovative collaborator, Vincent has cultivated a reputation for a passionate leadership style that creates a “skin in the game” atmosphere of total teamwork and mutual respect.

Vincent has been a featured speaker at colleges and universities nationwide, and a featured guest on numerous media outlets, such as Bloomberg, CBS, Fox Business, MSNBC, C-SPAN, Huffington Post Live, and Fox News.

A graduate of the University of Florida, Vincent earned a bachelor of science in journalism with an emphasis in telecommunication production as well as a bachelor of arts in English with a concentration in film and media studies.  He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Jessica, and four children; Lucca, Abrianna, Giuliana, and Viviana.

Vincent’s many projects include An Inconvenient Tax, an incisive examination of the convoluted U.S. tax code; The True Cost, which pulls back the curtain on the consequences of our globalized clothing industry; and Incarcerating Us, a film about the country’s prison system, and the criminal justice reforms that may be necessary to repair it. These films are just a few examples of Vincent’s mission to bring the powerful stories around us to life.